Computer Engineering Student Chosen as Delegate for Asia Youth International Model United Nations 2022 in Bali

Padang, 5th June 2022 – Randrianirina Leonel Juliano who is often called Leonel is an international student from Madagascar. He studies Computer Engineering at Faculty of Technology Information Universitas Andalas and has been chosen as a delegate at the International Conference on 20th – 23th May 2022 in Bali, Indonesia. This International Conference is supported by the International Global Network who underlies the collaboration between UNICEF and UNESCO. 

International Global Network is a youth development organization founded with the aim of bringing together youth from every part of the world to cooperate with each other in business, technical, cultural and social movements. Upholding the vision of “Connecting Youth leaders to the World”, IGN creates international programs to provide opportunities for young people to unite and network in a forum to develop global thinking with the aim of increasing global awareness and building on their experiences and knowledge. Then, it aims to facilitate leaders from various countries to expand their network and provide a platform to share their perspectives, especially about global issues that will be discussed in each council.

The International Conference is attended by young leaders, called Delegates, who are assigned to represent a country on a predetermined topic for debate. Leonel, as a delegate from UNESCO, represented the country of Madagascar with the aim of “Promoting Peace and Cultural Diversity”. During this conference, Leonel gained a lot of experience, not only exchanging and debating with all delegates from other countries but also adding confidence in the courage to take action and also new experiences that were very helpful and useful for me. Then here we also bring out what is within us, including public speaking, leadership, and networking skills that we have. Apart from that, many extra activities have been carried out at the International Conference.

Leonel felt really thankful for his family and all the administrators who have helped and supported him in the implementation of the International Conference.